As I mentioned in a previous post, my former-Flirt with Breathless Press, Carlos & Casey, is now being re-released as the first installment in my erotic, travel-themed, short story series called Erotic Destinations.

And part of the re-release means a brand-spankin’ new cover! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this with you all. First of all: more stunning artwork from Victoria Miller. And secondly? LATINO MEN. (You all knew I had a thing for them, right? *darty eyes* *cough* *gestures toward Argentinian partner*)

Carlos and CaseyThat’s some smokin’ hot cover action to launch the new series! DAMN!

More information coming soon about release dates and outlets! In the meantime…just keep gazing upon the smoldering latino-ness of the delightful Carlos above…


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