My book came out today, which means that it quietly moved from the “Coming Soon” section on my publisher’s website to the “Available Now” section, a whole 5 paragraphs HIGHER.

I’m thrilled. I go to and there’s my novel. For sale. Like any other regular book in the world. I’ve been waiting for this exact moment since I was 9 years old. It feels mighty great. In honor of this day, I plan on wearing a dress this evening and consuming lots of wine.

Also, my first published review is available at Awesome Sauce Book Club. But it’s not just any review, you see. This review was a thing of destiny.

In my research for places to review my book, I of course stumbled upon Awesome Sauce as it is one of the big names in independent book reviews. As I’m reading about Amber R and the book review policy, something in the back of my mind clicks.

I remember back in 2009, working in a finance company, with an Amber R.

I remember her mentioning her new book club. Awesome Sauce or something?

And then I realize — OMG. Huge, shuddering, ‘tiny-world-syndrome’ OMG. My long lost friend Amber R has grown her tiny book club into a megalith book review franchise and I was seconds away from submitting my novel to her as a lowly begger-of-reviewers. This of course was confirmed by her photo on the ‘About Us’ page, but even without that clue I was 99% certain it was her. Amber R and I had lost touch for a few years, due to job changes, location changes and facebook rejection.

But now, we’re BACK. And with a lot to catch up on. Plus she reviewed my book in such a timely fashion I cannot even conceive of how to thank her. (Enormous statue in her honor? Pyramids? Perhaps a constellation named for her? I’m working on this.)

It’s a Fantastical Freakin’ Friday.


Feelin’ primed to buy Jaded? Well, do it here.

And if you’re not convinced, read a sample here. And then get convinced, and then refer to the line above.