Step aside, Ann Landers! Ember Leigh is in the house, and I’ve got some WIDSOM TO REPART.

I’m launching a new advice column which will deal with all things romance, erotic, novel-writing, reading, loving, prancing, cooking, delving, philosophizing, aggrandizing, flitter-fluttering, tip-toeing, and MORE.

That’s right, folks, I mean no holds barred. We’re talking about it all. So if YOU have any questions, or have been curious about something, or need a second opinion on whatever your hired professional told you, send it to me at [email protected] with the subject line ASK AN AUTHOR.

QUESTION: Ember, is Luke from your novel Jaded  based on someone you know  in real life? And if so, can I have his number?

ANSWER: Ahhh, LUKE. Readers, if you don’t know who Luke is, he is the beefy, sandy-haired hunk from my debut novel, Jaded. He wasn’t actually based on anyone I knew in real life. Actually, I think I based him on what my Mouthwatering Ideal Husband Of The Moment was at the time. I started the first draft of Jaded when I was 17 years old, so that sounds about right. I was really into ripped, blond, surfer-style boys at the time. Mmm. They’re not so bad anymore, come to think of it.

But the weird thing about Luke is that very recently, I ran into a real life person who looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM. I couldn’t rip my eyes off of him when I met him. I mean, it’s not every day an author runs into the physical likeness of their fictional character. This boy was gorgeous, and exactly to the T what I had imagined for my scrumptiously sexy Luke. I really wanted to tell this guy he looked exactly like a made-up person, but I thought that might come off a little strange.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get his number either, so I can’t pass it along. We’ll all just have to wait until this Luke Look-Alike wanders back into our collective spheres…and then jump his bones!