Per typical life fashion, another year has raced by and here we are at the end of it, looking around and wondering where we put the hairbrush that we were using literally ten seconds ago.

And, you know, where the hell that whole year went!

2014 was a YEAR TO REMEMBER for this girl. Again, in typical life fashion, there were ups and there were downs; I had joys and sadness; I had quibbles and full-blown fights with my partner; setbacks came and surprises surged.

Here are some of the highlights of this year:

  • First romance novel published
  • First erotic short story published
  • Moved out of Chile and to Peru
  • Visited 2 new countries (Bolivia and Peru)
  • Climbed Machu Picchu (LIFE GOAL: ACTIVATED!)
  • Two travel memoir pieces accepted for publication on Wanderlust And Lipstick (under my given name)
  • Began performing unassisted headstands in Ashtanga
  • Attended my first ROMANCE convention!

Not to mention a whole slew of un-captured moments of joy, family and friendship that occurred between the USA and South America. The un-quantifiable meat of life that nourishes us; the actual sustenance that cannot be measured, can only be felt in depth, breadth, pulses of love, and painful sparks of nostalgia.

The flashes of memory that we linger upon too long before stepping into the shower; the sudden remembrance that will distract us long enough to burn the damn casserole we had been watching over carefully for thirty minutes. The moment long ago that causes a sharp burst of laughter, or the harsh sting of tears, in the middle of the evening commute.

I know 2015 will be even better; hopefully full to the brim with these unmeasured yet deeply important life experiences.There are a lot of exciting things on deck — more travels, more writing, contests, family time, etc — and I’m looking forward to experiencing more growth, more trials, more setbacks, more surprises, more moments.

I have a lot of personal and professional goals for 2015. Here’s just a few (and then I want to hear YOURS!):

  • Travel to India, study in an ashram
  • Have two novels accepted for publication
  • Release at least 2 short stories
  • Save 5k (haha, we’ll see about this one!)
  • Continue blogging weekly across all my (too many) blogs
  • Obtain all postures in the primary series
  • Become a more compassionate and more accepting daughter, friend, and lover.

Here’s to a most excellent year, 2014, and to an even brighter, more inspiring 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

What does 2015 hold for you? What are you hoping for, looking toward, or perhaps even dreading? Tell me all about it below!