THE TIME HAS COME! *thunder claps* *funnel clouds swirl nearby* *Greek gods slither from the heavens*

Carlos & Casey is now available for purchase! It’s just $0.99, and the first installment in the Erotic Destinations series.

TCarlos and Caseyhis series showcases the steamiest adventures of all sorts of characters across the globe: young divorcees, foreign reality TV show dance competitors, middle school teachers, west coast vagabonds, 30-somethings seeking something more.

Visit Rome, Turkey, Costa Rica, South America, all the way to India, on the heels of friend vacations, business trips, solo globe trotting, and more!

Book One, Carlos & Casey, sees the sexier side of a business trip as Casey reunites with the latino lover that got away. 25 pages of steaminess, followed by a special sneak peek at the next book in the series, “When In Rome”.

Wanna One-Click? Buy it here on Amazon.