These Wounds Run Deep

ROCK STAR ROMANCE, book #1 in the Rocker Redemption series

Published with Loose Id

Released November 7th, 2017


It’s been ten years since Zach Carter and his brothers hit it big and moved to L.A. Life in the fast lane was hard to explain to anyone who didn’t live it—so how could his best friend Ellie understand? Now that he’s returned to his hometown to deal with a crisis, the consequences have piled up around him, but what hasn’t changed is how bad he wants Ellie back in his arms.

A decade after high school graduation and Ellie has never been more content—until Zach Carter, her oldest friend, her first love, and the boy she lost her virginity to, walks back into her life after ten years without so much as a postcard. And one thing the tabloids couldn’t prepare her for was how much this man still makes her heart race.

Ellie is determined to prove to Zach that she’s moved on and doesn’t need him. Everyone important in her life has left her, including Zach, so why would this time be different?  But there’s no way she can avoid him while he’s back in their hometown, fighting for her attention… and forgiveness. And her body won’t let her forget he’s in town, either.

Even though Ellie barely looks his way…he’ll do anything to make her see that she’s the only woman he’s ever wanted.


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