Breathless Press,  March 14th,  2014


“…a fun, sexy, romantic, playful story…” — JC at All Is Read

Isabella Moreno thinks she’s solved her relationship problems by swearing off men and vowing to let only an imaginary Mr. Right through her door with a wedding ring and signed contract to never cheat. But when loud-mouthed, tanned hunk Luke Peterson shows up at her doorstep with washboard abs and a signed contract to renovate her house, Isabella realizes her troubles in love and romance might be starting all over again.

Jaded features headstrong and hopeful Isabella, an intelligent and modern thirty-something who’s vowed to end the pattern of cheating exes and find peace in the single life. Her meddling mother tries to help in typical Moreno family fashion, by ordering a fabulous gift with a hefty price tag: a home renovation.

But Isabella is in for a surprise when the cocky project leader, Luke Peterson, sets his sights on her. She tries her best to ignore his smooth moves and stunning looks, but her resolve to live a man-free life quickly withers under his penetrating charm and unexpectedly satisfying companionship. It’s been Isabella’s experience that every many has his sleazy side, and Luke proves to be no exception when she discovers that their months of fun, laughter and relentless passion were just part of a bet with his buds that he could bed her in a month…or were they?

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Awesome Sauce Book Club:

“…a quick read and it flows perfectly…”

“If you like a sexy good time, a lot of snark, hilarity, and a good plot you can’t go wrong.”


All is Read with Lexy Pat:

“… descriptions were perfect…even the dialogue oozed personality”

” …not only adorable but at times hilarious.”