I am freaking EXCITED about this book.

The next installment in The Breaking Series, BREAKING THE SINNER is equal parts funny, mushy, dark, and coming-of-age. We’ve got religious exile Genevieve (virgin, fish out of water, totally sweet), navigating modern society for the first time of her life at age 24. So when she crosses paths with Cobra (remember him, from Changing The Game? The guy who saved Lex’s life?) she’s in for a real big surprise. She’s going to learn about ALL the sins that she’s avoided committing during the chaste part of her life. And Cobra, our tortured hero with a dark and sad past, has no problem showing her just how hot and heavy things can get…

She picked the name Gen.

As a religious exile who fled her community only to land in LA, Genevieve couldn’t be greener. Armed with a list of experiences she’s eager to live, she’s diving headfirst into the choppy waters of normal society. Then she meets Cobra. There’s nothing normal about the resident gym bad boy who struts around like he could undress her with his eyes alone.

And he goes by Cobra.

Cobra knows better than to believe in blessings. Snagging this stable job at Holt Body Fitness is the only break of luck he’s had since his life took a nosedive as a teen, but it’s just a matter of time before this goes downhill too. Which is why when ultra-innocent Gen stumbles onto his bleak path, he’s eager for the distraction provided by the oblivious bombshell. He can help her live her list—but only so far. Because Cobra’s only good at being temporary.

They both have lives they left far behind them.

Setting three months to wade through Gen’s list of sins, the two of them plunge headfirst into something equals parts sizzling and intense. As Cobra inches nearer to securing his permanent spot at the gym, he comes even closer to a scary new reality. One that might be too good to be true.  One that will force him to choose between the only family he’s ever known, and the one thing he swore to never need: love.


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