The next installment of my short story series, Erotic Destinations, is almost ready to go live! And to begin the proper pre-celebration required for such an event, I’m showing off the fresh new cover!

And yeah, I might be obsessively petting it and rocking it to sleep in my arms. Because I just love this little baby SO MUCH!!

Book #3 is called Turkish Delight, and follows entertainment-industry staffer Jenna as she entertains a visiting Turkish dignitary, Kadir. He’s training for the dance competition reality TV show she works at, and the longer she’s in his presence, the more she doubts her post-divorce vow of celibacy in the super sultry Miami night life.

We’ve all had that one crazy fling, right? Well this is Jenna’s. BOOK #3 COMING SOON!

Turkish Delight, Book #3 of the Erotic Destinations Series...coming soon!

Turkish Delight, Book #3 of the Erotic Destinations Series…coming soon!