I’m in America, folks, but getting here was no easy task.

My whole goal was to make it in time for a family wedding last weekend. It was a Saturday afternoon wedding, so I decided to take the Thursday night flight out, arrive there Friday afternoon, and all would be well.

Except, my original flight was delayed so extensively that I had to switch flights. Then that replacement flight had an engine failure right before take-off, meaning we de-planed 300 people at 2am and began the long process to reorganizing everyone’s flight plans.

We were a happy, calm, patient, and well-rested bunch — let me tell you.

Somehow, by the skin on my neck, I made it to the wedding. But about 270 other people on that plane with me did NOT make it to their final destinations on time.

Airline steward is a job I will probably never willingly apply for. Once the shit hits the fan, travelers can just get downright scary! Especially when its in the wee hours of the morning, with no sleep, long lines, and all sorts of chaos and grumbling filling the air.

Seemingly to celebrate my lucky return to American soil, my blog tour started the week I got back. So here are some of the places I’ve popped up recently…

Over at Savvy Authors, I’m talking about how practicing yoga led to practicing writing. I practice Ashtanga yoga, so I loved the chance to talk about my personal practice influencing my life as a writer. They’re way more related than I ever realized.

At Sheri Velarde’s blog, I talk about how writing in my adult life doesn’t come naturally, and needing to force myself to do one of my favorite things in life (write!). Does this happen to other people too? It was so much easier when I was younger. Now, it seems life always gets in the way. (Hence, the necessity of routine!)

Erzabet’s Enchantments interviewed me! This one was fun because we get a little peek into what 90’s band actually inspired my early fan fiction (that eventually led to writing romance!). Can you guess which band it was?

And over at Katie Babbles, I mention three things I wish I’d known prior to publishing my first novel. These are just a few observations I’ve had along the way, and might be interesting to new authors just starting the path (or good for a laugh for established authors!).

More blog posts and interviews coming this week…thanks to all that have hosted me, thanks to you all for checking these out, and a very special than you to American Airlines for both ruining and then saving the day in those 12 hours of airport fun.

Anybody have any particularly harrowing tales of airport madness? That classic “everything went wrong” airline experience? Tell me about it below!