Hello, my Probably Tiny Group of Readers!

I’m Ember Leigh — author of erotic romance involving a high degree of steaminess, sexiness, plot line (I try, at least), and headstrong women.

My first novel ‘Jaded’ will be released soon from Breathless Press. We’re in the final stages right now, and things are looking good. All of my characters are excited as well (it gets cramped living in my computer, they’re excited to bridge into e-book territory across the world). Release date will be known soon, at which time I will properly update internet venues and dangle teasers and covers and whatnot.

It feels good to be here, occupying this internet space on my brandspanking new blog — thanks so much for stopping by, and check back SOON for more information about Jaded (including a cover!) and all sorts of blog posts that have been churning in the depths of my author pools for sometime and have finally congealed into a presentable mass.

Yep. That’s right.

Presentable masses of author goo.

Love, Ember Leigh

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